Friday, May 4, 2012

Bromeliad Society Show

 Today Don and I went to The Bromeliad Society of NSW Autumn Show. Its always really crowded with fellow enthusiasts trying to pick up a bargain. On one side of the room are the floral arrangements and prizewinning plants. On the other side of the room are all of the bromeliads and Tillandsias for sale. They really should think about re arranging the layout because you spend a lot of time politely elbowing people out of the way so you can get your mitts on your dream plant!

I bought some Tillandsias to hang in the skylight of my bathroom, plus a beautiful Neoregelia pendula hybrid. I like the idea of buying plants for my balcony that don't weigh much. The ones I bought today are all epiphytic and don't require potting.
However, I did pick up a flyer for The Cacti and Succulent Society Autumn Show which is on next Saturday. Im sure to be tempted to buy something!