Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lambley Nursery

Salvia x superba "Tanzarin"

Artemisia ludoviciana "Valerie Finnis"

Echium pininana "Snow Towers"

I wish I knew the name of this Aloe, because I want one!

I think this is Marrubium supinum "Scallop Shell". According to the catalogue, it gets "hazy purple pink hooded flowers"

I visited Lambley Nursery today. Its about 140 k's outside of Melbourne, 10 k's past Ballarat. They also have an online catalogue . Like the sign says, they only water 3 or 4 times a year. They specialise in dry tolerant plants. A lto fo the plants are from the Mediterranean and South Africa. Unfortunately, I went to the nursery shop before looking in the garden, whcih would have informed my choices a bit more. Oh well, I might just have to go back!. I ve tried to identify some of the photographed plants. They have a great catalogue, that they post out. A very inspring place.

Things I bought at Lambley Nursery

Aloe Glauca

       Pelargonium sidioides
Helychrysum argyrophyllum
I bought some plants for myself and a friend who did me a favour.
Pelargonium sidiodes from South Africa.It said on the label "one per customer", thats why I bought it!
Aloe Glauca to add to my Aloe collection. This one was a bit sick and was on special.
Helichrysum argyrophyllum has very hard silver leaves and gets yellow everlasting flowers. 2 for Steve and Don, one for me....

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I saw this woolly looking Grevillea outside the Boort Agricultural Show.

Another plant that I intend to identify soon

Yellow Eucalypt

I saw this Eucalypt last weekend on the road between Wedderburn and Maryborough. The blossoms are really spectacular, as are the seed capsules. I dont think its native to this area and Im going to try to identify it soon.
Please see later post 15/11/09. I have identified this as Eucalptus woodwardii

Pink Eucalypt

Saw this beautiful Pink Eucalypt near Eddington in Victoria last weekend

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Aloe Plicata

At Roraima nursery, 3 different Aloe plicata. Even mature plants grow well in shallow containers.

Bearded Iris

These are from the garden at Breakwater where my friend Shane lives. The bulbs of these Iris were left out in the baking summer sun for a few months before being planted. They have just flowered after being in the ground for a couple of years. In other words, they're hardy!

I love Echiums

Echiums are going off in Melbourne at the moment! They look really spectacular en masse in different shades of purple, Unfortunately, they can look a bit crap for the rest of the year when they arent in flower. These pictures are from Breakwater, outside of Geelong, where my friend Shane lives.

RIP Rudith, the black cat.