Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lambley Nursery

Salvia x superba "Tanzarin"

Artemisia ludoviciana "Valerie Finnis"

Echium pininana "Snow Towers"

I wish I knew the name of this Aloe, because I want one!

I think this is Marrubium supinum "Scallop Shell". According to the catalogue, it gets "hazy purple pink hooded flowers"

I visited Lambley Nursery today. Its about 140 k's outside of Melbourne, 10 k's past Ballarat. They also have an online catalogue . Like the sign says, they only water 3 or 4 times a year. They specialise in dry tolerant plants. A lto fo the plants are from the Mediterranean and South Africa. Unfortunately, I went to the nursery shop before looking in the garden, whcih would have informed my choices a bit more. Oh well, I might just have to go back!. I ve tried to identify some of the photographed plants. They have a great catalogue, that they post out. A very inspring place.

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