Friday, July 31, 2009

Winter Flowers

I was thrilled to find that a Dendrobium that I have had for many years is about to flower. It must be happy here. I just have to make sure that I dont kill it with kindness as I find myslef fussing endlessly over it and moving it to positions that I think it might be happier in. My rhipsalis has also got some tiny little pink flowers. Dont know whether they will get any bigger. And one of my Cryptanthus has an indistinct flower in its centre. My biggest problem at the moment are loads of green caterpillars that I keep finding everywhere. I dont want to have to spray any pesticides around so will have to keep them under control by squashing them as I find them


melvis said...

I love your blog. Great photos. Will try to send you progress reports from Congarinni North.

re said...

Oh Mel its you! Why dont you start your own blog, then I can see photos of your place. Im going to follow your blog!! x Robble