Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Stuff!

Have spent a very productive afternoon online. I discovered a new favourite blog
which in turn put me on to a San Francisco shop
Which in turn has put me on to this great new product called Woolly Pockets, which I'm thinking is a brilliant idea!

                                               These are plants growing in Woolly Pockets
                                                   All photos are from


Ian Percy said...

Where are all the great shops like this in Oz? Thanks for the links

robble said...

Hi Ian,
I want to to have a shop like this. One day........

noel said...

aloha robbie,

floragrub was one of my absolute favorite places in sf when i lived in the bay is should visit when you go to sfo...might just do that when i go to the bay area in december to pick up some new friends for my garden.