Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wigandia 22nd November,2009

I mentioned in earlier posts that I was finally able to visit William Martins garden, Wigandia, today.
Its situated in Noorat, 3 hours Northwest of Melbourne, Victoria. Unusually, it rained for most of the day. (I got bogged on the way home when I pulled off the road to answer the phone!) Wigandia was opened for 2 days as part of the Open Garden Scheme, maybe for the last time. (I hope not)
William describes his gardening style as "Bunyip Classicism". I think this is an antidote to boring clipped hedges and rose gardens. Unlike a lot of classical gardens, it doesnt require regular watering. I imagine that part of the reason that these plants are here are not only for their visual impact, but because they can survive harsh conditions.
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Ian Percy said...

Wonderful photos
Wigandia is a garden I really want to get to see some day