Saturday, January 23, 2010

Significant Trees # 1

I spend a lot of time driving around Sydney and various trees and plants become landmarks. They might be in a public place or in someones front garden. They might be something that you dont give much thought to until they flower spectacularly at the same time each year. Sometimes they disappear all of a sudden because the council has decided that they are dangerous or a developer has moved into a site and unceremoniously mowed down all things green.

With this in mind, I thought I might start an irregular post of some of my favourite landmark plants

23110 031

The first one is an Angophora costata, or Sydney Red Gum. Its on a vacant block between a newsagent and an old house. Its on Rocky Point Road in Sans Souci. Its a beautiful tree that sits right in the middle of the block. I worry that sooner or later the block will be sold and the tree will be removed.I hope not!

23110 033

23110 034

Angophora costata is known for its curling limbs and its smooth pinkish brown bark. Its often seen growing from crevices in rocks.

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