Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sydney Botanical Gardens

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I recently went to The Sydney Botanical Gardens. The tropical hothouse is fantastic. Lots of exotic , tropical plants growing on different levels, so that you can see things from different perspectives.  If the Gardens had more funding, I think that this would be a good collection to develop. Its really popular whenever I visit the gardens and its not cheap to get in. Theres is another glass pyramid type hothouse opposite that has mainly Australian tropical plants. Its pretty boring, and needs some work. There are lots of bare patches and the plants dont look very luscious.

The flying foxes that have colonised the gardens really depressed me. They are destroying a lot of the older trees in the gardens. Their droppings are everywhere and smell putrid. When is something going to be done about this problem. It seems to have been going on for too long.


Christine B. said...

The pictures look splendid, even if the botanical garden is going to the dogs (or flying foxes). We have no indoor botanical garden here in Alaska, so I just have to wait til spring, and check out blogs like yours for my "green" fix.


Stone Art said...

I was there two years ago lovely place, spent hours walking around there. I most vivid memory is seeing a huge Jacaranda tree in bloom, truly amazing sight.