Friday, December 4, 2009

Philodendron selloum

My friend Katy is opeing a restaurant in Northcote, Melbourne soon with some friends. We went out this morning looking for a plant to fill an empty place at the back of a narrow space. We found a Philodendron selloum at Palm Place Nursery,
It will be repotted and reoriented to fit in the space. We just plonked it on a stand to see how it would look. I used to be a bit scathing about 70's style indoor plants but I have to say I love the large, wild leaves of this plant. It has great impact from a distance and is hardy enough to survive the odd bit of neglect. Although I'm sure it will get lots of care and attention. Good luck with the restaurant Katy!

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azplantlady said...

I do remember this plant from my 70's childhood, growing next to my parents house in Los Angeles. It is a great accent plant.